Video Games

video-games-in-a-nutshell1We here at Doomiland really love games. At first, we were players of the games that scattered around in the internet. Each game we played are really addicting and made us engage in it, which was a lot of fun. We, then made games ourselves using Flash, and started to share it with the rest of the world. We also collected various free flash games all over the web, and played with them to get inspirations from the game.
We posted reviews on every game we encountered and shared them through our blog. A lot of gamers loved our reviews and insights about each game we played, that many requests keep on coming along. As our community became stronger and larger, we decided to open up our own community of online gamers. It is also where all of us are going to share all the flash games we have collected through our gaming experience and place them all here in a single community. If you really love to play that much, or even make reviews for each game you find interesting at first glance, you have come at the right place.
This is not only a place for you to play games alone. If you are a team player, or love to play with others, you will definitely enjoy our features in socializing with other members. From our chat rooms, you can chat with other players who are also playing our games here from all over the world. You can also compete in a friendly game to see which ones have higher scores, or you can earn awards that will help you level up in the game.
You can also earn points, awards and play games through our mobile app, too, so you do not have to remain in your PC all the time. All these can be attained with our free flash games.